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Too often employers are forced to choose between fun and education for their corporate development activities. Ambition Insights can help you add an educational twist to your already entertaining escape room facility, transforming it into the ultimate corporate training experience in town.

We can help you:

  • Attract corporate customers to your facility during traditionally slow week days.

  • Offer optional products and experiences you can up charge for.

  • Differentiate your corporate training experience from everyone else.

  • Boost profits by expanding and enhanced your corporate training offerings.

Enhance your escape room facility with:

  • Licenses materials and activities.

  • Training for your facilitators and game masters.

  • use of our brand and branded materials to differentiate your programs from your competition to potential corporate clients.

  • Consulting to improve your leadership, teamwork, and employee development programs.

Transform Your Escape Room Facility Into the Ultimate Corporate Training Experience